The truth about the troll-deviant-criminal Paul Collins from Barrhead, Glasgow, now in Bannow, Co. Wexford..We assigned the term ‘The Missing Link’ to this previously-unidentified person in acknowledgement of two things: Firstly, that for nearly five years during the period 2009-2013 an unknown ‘somebody’ with serious connections both in the criminal world and with the authorities was engaged in a series of vicious ‘anonymous’ attacks against Stephen Manning and his family; and secondly, because of his Neanderthal behaviours and comparable appearance (once we had identified him - with no offence to monkeys intended of course).

This man has several brothers - all born in Barrhead, Glasgow Scotland. One of them ‘suddenly’ left his job as a primary school teacher in 1998 and relocated to the remote West of Ireland ‘under a cloud’. No information is forthcoming about what that ‘cloud’ was, but that older brother too has gone to some lengths to omit any record of his time as a teacher at that particular school.

That brother rented a cottage from the sister-in-law of a senior Mayo politician’s ‘best friend’ - who was married to an ex-Garda. He opened a shop selling confectionery and phone services opposite the local secondary school and Garda Station, and volunteered as a coach for the local soccer club.

At the time, The Missing Link was listed as a director of an ‘international’ company - along with his brother and others (in the UK and Ireland) under different birth dates, and under different nationalities, in both jurisdictions. So, why the false dates of birth? (Click on photo above left for links)

UK sources report that The Missing Link had a ‘cosy’ relationship with local police when he lived in Kent, UK up to 2006 and would often refer to his ‘inside connections’ when trying to impress or intimidate others.

UK sources who personally knew him advise that he had multiple difficulties with other neighbours; that he seemed to have ‘a serious personality disorder’; an obsessive preoccupation with labelling and accusing others of sexual wrongdoing; that he left large debts behind; and was also accused of immoral sexual activities with a member of his own extended family. (All of which he ‘projects’ onto others when making false allegations against his numerous targets).

Newspaper reports refer to a man of the same age, with the same name, living in Kent, UK, who did prison time in a facility for ‘serious offenders’. That the same man was re-arrested for further serious offences in the mid 2000’s. The Governor of that prison describes this man as ‘odious, devious and manipulative’. (Link coming soon)

A man with the same name, of the same age and also living in Kent was named amongst a dozen high-profile international drug dealers who were tried in the Old Bailey in 2007. All twelve walked free due to ‘unreliable supergrass evidence’. Some of those are currently serving time in the US for serious drug smuggling offences - having been arrested on the evidence of an undisclosed FBI informer who apparently was ‘on the inside’ of the gang. (Link coming soon)

The Missing Link arrived in Ireland around this time. Later moving to a remote location near an isolated beach, he proceeded to install CCTV, guard dogs and ‘No Trespassing’ signs; then purchased an old hearse ‘to do up’ before proceeding to alienate himself amongst the local population; by not paying monies owed to workers, and generally being his usual charming self.

Almost immediately, he became embroiled in a dispute with the owner of the property. Brandishing a firearm and with hired security guards at hand, he prevented the owner from inspecting his own property and called the Gardai claiming that HE (The Missing Link) had been threatened. (Link)

Eventually, the owners emigrated to Australia in order to escape the criminal’s unwanted attentions, but all in vain, because he then contacted Australian immigration to try to stir up residency problems for them; he also stalked their relatives; intimidated their 14-year old daughter with late-night phone calls, and repeatedly taunted, abused and insulted them publicly on facebook. (Link coming soon)


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