Rogue’s Gallery For the latest on the Court cases click HERE  (March 2010) #top #top #top #top #top #top #top #top #top #top #top Featured Rogue... smallRF.jpg (don’t be fooled by the smile..) ProofRMF is Miriam 1.JPG ProofRF is Miriam 2.JPG ProofRF is Miriam 3.JPG Proof RFR is Miriam 4.JPG Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin’s incredible duplicity on display.. Left, part of a 15-page rant from ‘Miriam’ stating she is NOT Rosalind.. And right, seven screenshots that would appear to prove otherwise MyPostToMiriam.jpg ImNotRosalind.JPG ‘He has never contacted me’ (see above pic too) FalsepromotionAuthorSite1.JPG FalsepromotionAuthorSite2JPG.JPG Franklin’s false promotion website  targeting unsuspecting authors;  specifically Christians ‘Diggory Press and Kingdom Come Publishing  are not connected in any way’ ..really? DiggoryKCP.JPG LinkToKCP.JPG Forged, slanderous ‘Memo for  Neilsen’s Staff’ posted online MFisRF1.JPG MFisRF2.JPG ‘I’ve complied with all Court directions’ says RMF! Yet the Judge warns RF he is considering taking  out a Civil Restraint Order’ against her (right) Death threats, more lies, and false identities NotRightInHeadSlander.JPG Who did you say started an  orchestrated campaign of  harassment and slander Mrs Franklin? OrchestratedCampaignSlander.JPG NeilsensMemoForgery.JPG RF3Aliases.JPG Deliberate deceptions, false accusations, deeply-personal slanders,  misdirection and lies DeathThreat2.jpg SexReferenceAuntieCarol123.JPG AuntieCarol123lies.JPG Rosalind Miriam Franklin; evidence of duplicity on an incredible scale Introduction #top Please scroll down or follow the links Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin,  Cornwall, UK Diggory Press Exposure Publishing Kingdom Come Publishing Meadow Books Authors Chance Ltd aka Miriam Franklin ‘endtimesprophetess’ (also multiple online aliases..) EditedApril09CourtOrder.jpg EditedDec08CourtOrder.jpg #top Deception: As Rosalind Franklin, defendant in several ongoing UK Court cases, as director of Diggory Press / Exposure Publishing /  Meadow Books / Kingdom Come Publishing WikipaediaKCPproof.JPG Deception: As ‘Miriam Franklin’ - the self-appointed end times prophetess whose main ‘mission’ is attacking and exposing supposed ‘Miriam’ also issues death threats, employs multiple false identities, accuses, lies and condemns.. DeathThreat3Rahab.JPG God will not be mocked 2.JPG B&Tdefamation1.JPG MiriamFalseIdentities.JPG DiggoryLegalStatement.JPG ‘They’re the ones being sued’ ..really? ChristopherLeeFindings.JPG See last  paragraph.. Ex-Diggory authors and forum moderators post online.. (just a sample) SupportForSMGillH.JPG SupportForSMKarinaK.JPG SupportForSM1.JPG Franklin Is Bully Clea Saal.JPG charlatans and deceivers.. ProofRMF is Miriam 7.JPG National media articles castigating Diggory Private Eye, The Guardian, The Times Guardian_080903.jpg LeadInTo MemoforNeilsens.JPG Truth Test  for Mrs Franklin click here Private Eye Article.JPG Guardian Article.JPG PrincipiadiscordiaComplaint.JPG KCP proof registry.JPG Accuses others of occult involvement; rebukes a ‘false prophet’; asks to be called Miriam (not Rosalind) on ‘exposing false prophets’ site! RFbookSuperstition and Occult.JPG MiraimCastigatesFalseProphet.JPG RFisMiriam6.JPG DestinySweetNamesRFasMiriam.JPG GillHPostsComplaint.JPG DefendantProofEdited.jpg “Why don’t you post the evidence?” says Mrs Franklin? ..but when I do, she removes it - and STILL states I haven’t posted it! 2RFchallengeSFTsite.JPG Evidence1.JPG Evidence2.JPG Evidence3.JPG Evidence4.JPG Meanwhile, she’s as busy as a demented beaver - fabricating false websites under false identities - and linking into them..(right) GCcomplaint.JPG Evidence4.JPG Evidence2.JPG CheckPointVirus.JPG ..fabricates virus warnings.. 2RefersToCasesByName.jpg Accuses the Guardian Newspaper of false reporting and asserts ‘he is lying.. there was no October Court date’ and ‘there is now only one  case ongoing’.. ..then refers (May 2009) to four current cases by name in a correspondence with the Court.. Rosalind Franklin claims original Court claims were fabricated, coerced or forged. But these 34 claimant’s statements  would  appear to prove otherwise.. And the latest... TableOfClaimants2.jpg FirstOrderListingAllCases.jpg ThereIsNoOctoberCourtDate1.jpg SiteSuspended1.JPG SiteSuspended3.JPG RF has four websites suspended for defamation. Each site had 27 sections of misleading or defamatory content - and each was linked to various contrived ‘evidence’ and supportive comments by Franklin aliases SiteSuspended2.JPG SiteSuspended4.JPG SiteBlocked1.JPG SiteBlocked2.JPG Unfortunately, Mrs Franklin deletes  my first name from these websites,  and thus manages to squeeze  under the radar so-to-speak. Oh  well, looks like another injunction once I get the time.. CivilRestraintOrderForRMF.jpg Truth Test  for Mrs Franklin click here For the latest on the Court cases click HERE  (March 2010) How to regain control of your manuscript and book files AppealDeniedMay2010.jpg FinalAppealRefused.jpg

2010 appeal refused (left)

and 2011 appeal denied (right)

Court Bailiffs give up trying to get our money (far right)

Warrant Failed.jpg Final Court docs p1.jpg Final Court docs p2.jpg April 2011: Is this the end of it at last? Nope - apparently not!

November 2015 - Unfortunately, after running for cover when we first set our solicitor on him 3 years ago, our dear friend Brendan O’Neill has resurfaced online to join the Collins brothers (again) in another attempted campaign of defamation against Stephen Manning. This appears to be a shabby repeat of what happened nearly 10 years ago with his clinically-disturbed sister. Sorry Brendan - we’re not going to bite this time. Too many important things to be getting on with - like exposing trolls, deviants, liars and generally corrupt articles such as… well, you know who - right?

This delightful-looking specimen is not pictured here just to tempt the ladies… Oh no.. This is Mr Brendan O’Neill of Stickleback Productions in Birmingham, UK, the proud twin brother of Mrs Rosalind Franklin and part-time troll, online abuser and general miscreant (it does seem to run in the family) who modestly describes himself as a film-producer, author, university lecturer etc, etc.. One wonders indeed where he gets the time to create whole defamatory websites? But, credit where it is due - he does appear to share the same ‘creativity, vivid imagination’ (and chronic forgetfulness) as his divinely-gifted sister when it comes to reporting on the facts.

2015 - we now know for sure that Brendan O’Neill was the author of several anonymous defamatory blogs published online.

CheckPoint Ireland Home Introducing - Brendan O’Neill, Mrs Franklin’s twin brother