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The Wrong Reality

Scumbag Sewer Rats

Memory Swings

The Color of Truth

Psychology, Symbolism & the Sacred

Oakee Doakee 1 & 2

No Smoke!

Hash House Harriers

Celestial Journey

of the Soul

Vertical Descent

Ch’ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul

Lord of the Dance

Looking Through The Mirror

An American Christmas Carol

In The Shadow of Amiantus

The Quran’s Challenge To Islam

Winderbilt Over Floodsville

Gifts From The Dead

Looking Down Through Water

Ramblings of a Rolling Stone

Discussions on Consciousness

and the Self

Poems For Children To Enjoy - and Teachers too!

The Future of Peaceful Co-existence in Nigeria

Delivered Unto Lions

Secular Jinnah and Pakistan

Encyclopedia of Taekwon-do Patterns

Oki Doki und die Hasswelle (German)

Mr Winderbilt & the Modern Conveyance

The Keys of Wisdom (trilogy)

Get Some In!

Secondary School Assemblies

Beyond The Light Zone


The Way To Success

Music of the Pipers

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