Allegations against Stephen T Manning – the truth and the facts

This clarifying statement has been posted here in order to counter a number of false and defamatory allegations being made against Stephen T Manning online. We hope that this statement and the links and proofs attached will take some of the wind out of the sails of those who would indulge in insidious mud-slinging and cowardly muck-raking in order to denigrate those who are actively trying to stand up to endemic corruption, criminality and injustice in Irish State institutions.

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STM wins Court case

Referee Vindicated

George Collins affair

Achill ‘connections’

News Article

Letters to the authorities

A catalogue of criminality

Complaint vs Gardaí & DPP

Affidavit 1

Gardaí & Collins at STM home

High Court Summons

Criminal complaint

False fb attack March 2016

Circuit Court video report

CSU Diploma

PhD Transcript

PhD Dissertation / Book

Submission to South Africa Ed Forum

Ski Teaching  Airline Business

Teaching testimonials

University in Japan

Irish Teacher-Training College

Japanese Technical College

(No longer affiliated with any particular religion)

Please note the fundamental difference between an education and an indoctrination. See book

Military medals


False fb profile 1

Topix McGinley


World Airways

Men only please

Sex website 1

Letter to RTE Crime Desk

Complaint vs Registrar & Gardai

Complaint vs Circuit Ct Judges

Complaint vs High Court Judges

Raft of false allegations

Ski Teaching   Personal Training

Soccer Refereeing


Rogues Gallery 1

Private Eye Article

Emails from Paul Collins

Rogues Gallery 1

Franklin/O’Neill attacks

Collins Facebook attacks

The I-I SOS Guide


”Politics at its Worst”

1st Ind. Mayo project

Video – NOT Nazi Germany!


I-I Rules & Guidelines

Election flyer


Judge flees Court


Grade 2 Licence

Assorted testimonials 1

Assorted testimonials 2

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