The Missing Link - an exposé of a criminal deviant

This brief exposé is published here after numerous so-far futile attempts to have the Irish authorities deal with a criminal and a deviant (left) who appears to be able to engage in crime against others at will - and who appears to have the illegal support and protection of the Irish establishment - even the Irish Courts. This exposé also comes on back of an onslaught of vicious ‘anonymous’ attacks against the Integrity Ireland Association in general and against the Administrator, Stephen Manning in particular.

The immediate result of these attacks has been to cause major short-term disruption to the I-I project as well as to feed into underhanded attempts by certain vested interests who wish to see the I-I project fail, Mr Manning’s political aspirations dashed, and any media coverage thereof completely undermined. The modus operandi of this criminal deviant is to target others with incessant stalking, abuse, false allegations, slander and various threats - often under the cowardly veil of anonymity. Yet even when identified and reported for engaging in illegal behaviour, including fraud, theft, misrepresentation, perjury, contempt of Court, possession of firearms, intimidation, death threats, physical assaults and vicious defamations, he is, apparently, above the law - or so it seems.

The question then remains; how and why is this so?

To begin with, lets look at some facts: (click on picture on right for evidence)

This man is a criminal from the UK whose police record dates back to the early 1980’s.

He has lived in Ireland for a number of years.

He is extremely secretive and has gone to great lengths to hide his location.

Although a British citizen he falsely claims to be ‘Irish’ on official documents.

He has used false dates of birth on some official records.

He lives on an active stud farm in a remote area where he paid some €20,000

up front in rent, but is claiming to be unemployed, and is claiming benefits.

He has boasted in correspondence to earning ‘a six-figure sum last year’.

Neighbours and ex-neighbours both here, in the UK and in Australia describe him variously as ‘dangerous, clever, devious, scary, sick, offensive’ …and other unprintable words.

Several of those neighbours stated that they too were subject to intimidation, personal attacks, abuse and false accusations from this man, and that he has also targeted women and children when it suits his ends.

He appears to have a disturbing obsession with labelling others as ‘perverts, paedophiles, child abusers and wife-beaters’.

He is willing and capable of going to great lengths to target others including hiring private detectives in the USA and Australia (for example) to dig up dirt on his victims. He then taunts those targets with whatever he has uncovered - or, by alerting them (often anonymously) that he ‘knows intimate stuff’ about them - just as we are now doing here (for a change) regarding this felon.

He is absolutely merciless and without any scruples if he has you in his sights…  

He has composed numerous facebook pages and false profiles to conduct these attacks - which is partly the reason we are exposing him here, factually, truthfully and openly - and frankly, giving him a taste of his own medicine.



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Paul Collins of Blackhall Estste Bannow, Co. Wexford