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In May 2015, Stephen was selected as one of seven independent candidates to participate in the innovative 1st Independent Mayo political initiative, where several genuinely ‘fresh’ independent political candidates have come together to pool resources in a ‘collaborative competition’ which aims to re-establish genuine grass-roots democracy in Ireland. Beginning in Castlebar, Co. Mayo - the seat of the serving Taoiseach Enda Kenny - the candidates will engage with the public in town-hall debates with a view to identifying who is best placed to contest the general election in 2016 - the centenary of the birth of the Irish Republic. Hopefully, the idea will catch on all around Ireland, and the electorate will seize this unique opportunity to break the stranglehold of party politics - and all of the woes and ills that come with it.   See Stephens bio here.    See Stephen’s webpage here.

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Issues relating to Stephen’s involvement with Integrity Ireland and the 1st Independent Mayo political campaign..

Political innovation in Co Mayo - the 1st Independent Mayo project catches the imagination of the electorate.. Integrity Ireland website Twitter account for Stephen T Manning, I-I Administrator and 1st Ind Mayo candidtae Profile for Stephen T Manning, 1st Independent Mayo candidate.. The Missing Link Stephen Manning has signed up to the Article 48 pledge..

Stephen has recently signed up to the innovative 1Yi project as well as the ‘Reinstate 48’ initiative in preparation for a prospective run as an independent candidate in the upcoming general election.

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Entitled ‘Saving Our State - from tricksters, tyrants, thugs and thieves in the Irish Justice System’ this 320-page manual has been published as a fist step for people who believe they are being mistreated by ‘the authorities’ - especially in the Irish justice system.

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Rogues Gallery Independent Candidate Stephen T Manning Campaign  compromised! See press release for details Election  2016 Independent Candidate Stephen T Manning A simple political premise - elect honest candidates! Stephen’s 2-minute political statement.

Online smear campaign against Stephen. The truth & the facts.

Stephen T Manning - the truth & the facts.. Stephen T Manning - the truth & the facts.. ?